If you’re the CEO of an ecommerce store or managing an ecommerce customer service team via Zendesk, and you want to connect with clients over WhatsApp, read on…

You could save up to $2,000 per month compared to Zendesk’s WhatsApp integration – while adding even more functionality.

Move up to 30% of your inbound customer requests from live phone calls to WhatsApp messaging, and increase the productivity of your agents.

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Many of our clients weren’t happy with the limited WhatsApp integration available through Zendesk, but don’t want to pay $2,000 per month for the premium version.

If this sounds familiar, keep reading…

Why work with us?

If you’re already looking at WhatsApp integration, you’ve probably realized that there’s an immediate trade-off between features and cost.

With WhatsApp payments soon to come online, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a fully-featured integration allowing them to use all the capabilities of the messaging service. 

But for Zendesk users, the choice is either to use the free integration and miss out on many of the most important features or pay up to $2,000 a month for the premium version (which still doesn’t include chatbot functionality)

Here’s where Adelante comes in. Our WhatsApp for Zendesk product gives you access to all the most important features, including chatbot integration, IVR deflection, and proactive messaging, but at a price point 75% lower than the premium Zendesk subscription.

We’re already helping companies just like yours access advanced functionality through WhatsApp, resolve customer inquiries faster and more efficiently, and keep costs low.

Case Studies

This business cut two-thirds of their support tickets within a single week

Implementation time: 7 days

Before: HTzone was using an outdated help-desk tool that prevented them from effectively sorting, classifying, and prioritizing tickets, creating significant admin overheads.

After: The automated system performs the work of 6 service representatives, sorting and categorizing tickets and adding them to an automated resolution process.

Cost per ticket: 3$US

Monthly savings: 10,000$US

Uri Ironi, VP Projects and B2B

“We had lots of tickets, a really serious pile-up of tickets, and we got to a point where we were dealing with a tremendous volume of multiple tickets from the same customer in various channels. The auto-resolution of tickets resulted in a two-thirds decrease in the number of tickets. The system also allowed for more ordered work and we could really find our way out of the chaos we were in.”


Within one week, HTzone went from manually solving all order status tickets and duplicate tickets to an automated system handling two-thirds of the tickets and a verified increase in customer satisfaction, with numerous positive testimonials.

Automatically removing duplicates cut this company’s tickets by 15%


Implementation time: 7 days

Before: Manual identification of double inquiries

After: Duplicate tickets are resolved automatically – a 15% reduction

Odelia Shiron, IT Manager

“We got a positive recommendation about Adelante, and they turned out to be great partners backing up this technology. At every stage, we felt as if we were being supported from all directions and not only focused on solving support requests, and that’s the point.”


In just 7 days, Lupa implemented our solution and moved from manual to an automated resolution of their many duplicate support tickets. The result was a reduction of approximately 15% in total ticket volume, cutting costs significantly.

13.8% טיקטים כפולים נפתרו בצורה אוטומטית

תאריך תחילה: יולי 2020

לפני: ידני

אחרי: 13.8% מהטיקטים נפתרו בצורה אוטמטית


שינוי דרסטי מפתרון פניות בצורה ידנית לפתרון אוטומטי עבור פניות כפולות ופניות בנוגע לשילו, שליש מהטיקטים נפתרים בצורה אוטומטית באמצעות התהליך שיצרנו, זמן עבודה – 7 ימים בלבד!


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Zendesk and WhatsApp integration - 3 simple steps

1. Use a chatbot to manage your WhatsApp conversations

Many companies make do with one or more sales agents responding to WhatsApp messages manually, which is time-consuming and requires constant monitoring of your account.

Our solution allows you to connect a chatbot to your WhatsApp account to quickly solve simple or duplicate requests, so that only the more complex issues are forwarded to your agents, making them more productive.

The result: An immediate response to the customer 24/7 for simple requests, shorter lead times on complex requests, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

2. Move customers from your inbound phone line to WhatsApp

Traditionally, inbound calls take up a lot of time for both the customer and the agent. The customer is frustrated navigating your IVR and waiting to speak to the right person, and the agent has to spend time listening to each explanation of a problem in real-time.

Now you can move the conversation straight to WhatsApp and allow the customer to interact with our advanced chatbot, helping them to resolve simple issues in less time, or be referred to an agent if they have a more complex request.

The result: Fewer voice calls, faster resolution times, and higher customer satisfaction

3. Initiate conversations with your customers

The existing options for WhatsApp integration with Zendesk don’t allow you to create proactive outbound messages. Unless you want to manually message each of your customers individually, you’re restricted to waiting for them to contact you. 

With our solution, you can send bulk messages to everyone on your contact list, and then initiate one-to-one conversations with any contact who responds. From new product offers to product updates to service status messages, you can reach your whole audience within a few clicks.

The result: Proactive communication, leading to more effective and personalized conversations.

So, what are your options?

Use the standard integration?

The free WhatsApp integration which comes with Zendesk is fairly limited in terms of what it can do. There’s no chatbot, no ability to respond to messages which are more than 24h old, and no way to initiate conversations with your customers.

If you’re happy responding manually to client requests, and you have the personnel to keep an eye on WhatsApp all day to ensure you respond to messages within the same day, maybe this could work, but you’re missing out on a lot of features.

Pay more to Zendesk for a premium subscription?

You can use the premium addon available via Zendesk, but even though you’re paying more, it’s still a complex process and some features are missing. You’ll need to navigate the approval process (time-consuming), find a third-party chatbot provider and set this up (complicated), and develop your own integration to send out proactive campaigns (costly).

You’ll end up with all the features you need, but after spending a significant amount of time and money.

Or, work with us!

Our solution gives you greater functionality than any option available through Zendesk (standard or premium) but at only $500 per month.

When you work with us, you get:

  • Integrated chatbot to reply automatically to simple requests
  • Complex requests logged as tickets in Zendesk
  • Transfer callers from your IVR to a WhatsApp conversation
  • Create outbound WhatsApp campaigns to your contact list
  • No time limits on responses
Who Is This For?
VPs Operations
Ecommerce CEOs
VP Customer Service

Basically anyone managing customer support or service desks who wants to integrate Zendesk with WhatsApp to provide a seamless customer experience without breaking the bank.

Businesses who use our advanced WhatsApp add-on can:

Move up to 30% of inbound calls over to WhatsApp, reducing agent workload

Save as much as $1,500 per month compared to the Zendesk premium subscription

Add chatbot support, outbound WhatsApp marketing campaigns, and more…
How does it work?

Respond to customer queries through WhatsApp with an AI chatbot and set up custom menus to make it easier for customers to log their requests.

Reroute inbound requests from the phone to WhatsApp, saving valuable time for your agents and allowing everything to be logged in Zendesk.

Use outbound bulk messaging to start one-to-one conversations with prospective customers about new offers or products, providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Access detailed reporting and analysis on every customer interaction which occurs via WhatsApp to track effectiveness and satisfaction.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results you get when you implement our advanced WhatsApp addon, you can claim a full refund in the first month!


No, you only pay on a monthly basis for as long as you require the service.

If at any point during the first 30 days you’re unhappy with the service for any reason, let us know and we’ll try to fix it. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your payment in full.

Yes, our addon does not depend on specific languages and will work regardless of the language used by your agents or customers.

We offer more functionality than you can get with a Zendesk premium addon at a quarter of the price – we think that’s a pretty good offer!

We’ve been in business for 3 years now and have many happy customers. Check out our user testimonials and list of clients here: adelante.co.il. We’re happy to provide references.

Yes. All paid subscriptions include access to phone, Slack, and email support.

No, at the moment this service is only compatible with Zendesk.

Our platform operates according to our security policy (available here). Our servers are GDPR, ISO9001, and ISO27001 compliant.

Our platform operates according to our security policy. Our servers are GDPR, ISO9001, and ISO27001 compliant

We use Twilio to link up your Zendesk platform with Whatsapp and handle all data transferred between our systems and your accounts.

Most customers prefer getting answers as quickly as possible whenever it’s convenient to them. According to Harvard Business Review, “84% of customers would prefer a straightforward solution to their problem”.

But with our solution, you can offer to transfer callers to WhatsApp via the IVR for a faster resolution, or if they prefer, they can always wait to speak to an operator.

About Us

We founded Adelante in response to our own challenging experience in the customer service department in the family business.

Many tickets were accumulating, the follow-up was complex, and sometimes tickets fell between the cracks, were handled by different agents, and a lot of time was wasted on duplicate tickets. We weren’t providing a level of customer service we could be proud of, and yet we were still spending significant time and money on the problem.

So we took a step back and developed Becky – a virtual SuperAgent – to handle many of the common, simple, and duplicate tickets, freeing up our support agents to work on more complex issues.

Because we understood the problem first-hand, we were able to design a comprehensive solution that addressed the real challenges faced by businesses like ours.

It was a resounding success, and soon we were fielding questions from other business owners in our network who were interested in bringing Becky onboard themselves.

We invested in developing Becky to integrate with every major e-commerce solution and shipping service- and now she’s ready to work for you!

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Head Of Sales

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