Helping B2B SaaS & Service Companies set 6 times more meetings per month within 7 days or less with 0 SDRs.

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Who Is This For

  • If you’re a CEO and you’re thinking about hiring your first SDR.
  • If you spend time researching contact data on different platforms.
  • Companies that want to book more appointments quickly and need more contacts.
  • Companies that have proven their outbound process and want to scale it.
  • Head of sales that wants to scale his SDR efforts without hiring more employees.
  • Head of sales that want to turbo charge their SDR and make each SDR x6 more efficient in prospecting.

The Core Concept

My core belief is that every B2B company can scale and grow with less employees than they think necessary, set more appointments by using automation, and make their SDRs focus on intelligent tasks without copy-pasting data. 

The problem is that businesses have not been informed of the technology that allows them to do this, and they just keep hiring SDRs and let them do manual work to get prospects. 

We’re the only ones helping B2B businesses that need to generate appointments solve their needs in a different, more efficient way.

Bulk Transfer contacts from LinkedIn to your CRM

When you go at it alone you have to manually fetch emails from linkedin per contact person. Now, you can use our automation to bulk transfer contacts from linkedin sales nav to your CRM.

Automatically find email addresses

When you go at it alone you have to manually find emails for contacts or buy their email address, then enter this into your CRM.
But now, you can use Hurtig to automatically find emails, validate them, enter them into the CRM and pay only for what you use.

Automatically push emails into your outreach platform

When you go at it alone you have to either enter the emails manually or build the integration yourself. Now, you can use Hurtig to automatically send personalized emails from lemlist or cold outreach platforms to your contacts.

Background Story

Our story is the common story of every new startup- we needed sales, fast. We were looking for clients for our product- a virtual agent that solves customer support tickets.

When starting to send cold emails, we figured out we’re spending lots of time in admin work just to get the email sent.

We were going through different databases to find a valid contact email for the person we needed, but no database had all the contacts.

We signed up to 7 different databases, just to cover the audience we needed. Even within a single country, no tool had all the information.

Even after we found the email, we had to manually enter this into our CRM (pipedrive) and into our email outreach platform. No database does that for startups, only for enterprises.

We wanted to recruit an SDR just to do research and send emails, and we spent huge amounts of time just to explain the SDR what he’ll need to do and then we realized the underlying costs of hiring and training employees.

We figured we can automate the process and build an automated SDR that uses a LinkedIn profile to send cold, personalized emails automatically.

We built this for ourselves and were able to 6x the number of meetings we were setting almost overnight.

Step 1 – Find potential contacts through LinkedIn profile

It can also work with the regular LinkedIn search.

Yes- we can integrate with any CRM that has an API.

Step 2 – Get a valid email from the CRM contact

Yes, you can either do it per contact in your CRM to get the right email, or you can bulk search for emails of contacts directly from linkedin.

In the rare case no email is found, you only pay the cost of searching the DBs- some of them do not charge at all, and some do charge.

Emails are verified through outside service like

100 CRMs +  Integrated

Step 3 – Connecting your emails to your cold outreach sequence

  • Yes, as long as it has an API.

Yes, you can customize the content through lemlist, and can even send customized images.

 Yes, you need to pay for your own CRM and cold email platform- we only connect between them at the moment.

Summarize Content So Far

Common Problems/The Hard Way

Alternative #1

Hire an SDR. You pay the salary, training costs, social security\employee costs and he needs to do the work manually. You still have to pay per database or purchase leads from vendors and build the automation yourself to connect LinkedIn, your CRM and your cold email platform.

Usually takes 1-2 months to ramp up and start delivering results. Deliver mediocre results, hits roadblocks often. SDR cost is usually ~$2000 USD per month + bonuses

Alternative #2

You can do it yourself manually. This will be time consuming and make you do admin work instead of selling. Cost of founder time, very slow to market.

Alternative #3

You can build the automation yourself, but you still have to contract different DBs , learn the APIs and do the developer work. Usually 2-3 months to develop and high costs. Good luck 🙂

 The Easy Way: The New Automatic SDR

Meet Hurtig – the automated SDR that will turn LinkedIn profiles into email prospects on your cadence.

A perfect fit for Founders and Head of Sales who want to turbo charge their sales and SDR and make set x6 more appointments with prospects.

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us/use our platform

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