Do The Work Of 20 Customer Service Agents with Just One Simple and Easy To Use Tool

Let our powerful tool take care of the repetitive and energy-consuming tickets, so your customer support team can focus solely on resolving the complex ones that require human intervention.

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What Adelante can do for your team
Forget the stress of having to deal with duplicated support tickets with Adelante's auto-merge / duplicate ticket detection technology.
Free up your customer service team to handle the more complex tickets with instant automated response to tickets that don't require human interaction.
Reduce the average time to resolution with rapid ticket escalation to third parties.
Decrease the number of redundant support tickets with our automated closure of "Thank You" tickets.
Increase customer satisfaction across the board with our AI-powered ticket tagging and defined support groups.
We work with top brands across all verticals to reduce spend and increase service levels

Many of the CEOs and owners of eCommerce stores who come to us have the same complaint: “I’m tired of wasting time and money on poor customer service!” If this sounds familiar, keep reading…

Why work with us?

If you’re a CEO or senior executive in a B2C business, you know that great customer service is vital to your success.

Building trust, driving repeat business, increasing lifetime value – all of these things impact the bottom line. 

But what many leaders don’t yet realize is that much of the human effort and time spent on providing that service can actually be handled more efficiently by technology.

If you’re currently running a staffed service desk or customer portal, and if you’re frustrated at duplicate requests, misdirected inquiries, and constant pressure, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re already helping companies just like yours think differently about customer service – and resolve their inquiries faster and more efficiently.

Case Studies Worth Sharing

Automatically solve 20-30% of your tickets

Automatically solve duplicate tickets

Automate 70% of your tickets

Automatic resolution of customer service tickets - 4 simple steps

  1. Consolidate your customer data in one platform


In the past, a manager who wanted to implement automatic processes to resolve customer service tickets automatically had to worry about pulling the data from different platforms to allow all agents access to the customer data and implement an automatic process.

The new approach is to consolidate all customer data in your help desk platform – which helps shorten agent response time, avoids searching different platforms for the right data, and creates the infrastructure to build in automatic processes.

The result: Shorter time to resolution, more tickets solved in one touch, and increased profitability.

2. Automate responses to simple customer service tickets

The traditional helpdesk setup requires agents to answer simple tickets manually. The result is longer response times, a constant need to recruit employees as the business grows, and lower customer satisfaction.

The new way automates the resolution of simple and commonly encountered customer service requests in real-time, so agents can focus their efforts on resolving complex tickets more quickly. 

The result: An immediate response to the customer 24/7 for simple requests, shorter lead times on complex requests, increased customer satisfaction, and lower costs.

3. Automate detection and removal of duplicates

E-commerce websites usually have about 20% duplicate tickets in the queue at any given time. In the old way, agents have to track and solve duplicate tickets manually, sometimes answering the same request twice. This causes higher ticket volume, higher time to resolution, and frustration for agents and customers.

The new way is to automatically detect and solve duplicate tickets across all channels according to your business logic. For example, if a customer submits the same request twice through your web portal and once by WhatsApp, the three requests will result in only one ticket.

The result: A calmer work environment for your staff, improved response times, and on average 15-20% lower ticket volume.

4.Provide real-time, scalable support 24/7

Making agents available 24/7 is expensive, so usually customers have to leave a message outside of normal working hours and wait up to 48 hours before getting a response. The result is that customers are left guessing as to when they will actually receive a response and are frustrated, maybe even logging extra tickets.

Now, you can solve customer problems 24/7 across every channel. Simple requests are solved automatically within seconds, and more complex requests are routed to the right agents who now have the time and space to handle them effectively.

The result: A quicker response time, even out-of-hours or at peak times, less overworked and happier staff, and increased profits per customer.

So, what are your options?

Keep on hiring?

You can continue to work manually and recruit an ever-growing number of employees, with all the associated hiring, HR, and payroll costs.

But you still have the same problems – you’ve just scaled them up. Longer times to resolve tickets, high costs for handling the ticket, the pressure of temporary staff recruitment to cover peak demand, and still low customer satisfaction.

Develop an in-house solution?

You can also develop this in-house or use a devshop that doesn’t specialize in ecommerce customer service.

But it’s a complicated process. You need to work to connect at least 4-5 different APIs, take care of the infrastructure 24/7, monitor for API changes, make sure the solution is secure, monitor usage limits of those APIs, and generally make sure that things don’t break down.

And suddenly, a one-week task just became six months of work…

Or, you can meet Becky!

Becky is your new virtual employee who knows your business inside out and can do the work of up to 20 customer service agents.

Take a look at what she can do:

  1. Automatically responds to all simple customer service tickets
  2. Gets all the information from your internal systems or help desk (no need to change any system you’re currently using)
  3. Answers every customer in record time (and she can also answer an infinite amount of customers at the same time- something an agent is never able to do)
  4. Works across every communication channel (email, SMS, FB messenger, WhatsApp…)
Who Is This For?

Adelante Becky© helps anyone who wants to grow their profits but is struggling with the sheer volume of customer support requests and is forced to constantly hire new employees

E-commerce Store Owners

Customer Service Managers

Chief Happiness Officers

Businesses who bring Becky on board can:

Quickly solve simple tickets and automate the work of up to 20 employees

Hire fewer employees because key tasks can now be fully or partially automated

Go live within 7 days and start saving up to $25,000 every month
How does it work?

Use Becky, our virtual AI-powered agent, to automatically answer simple customer tickets.

We will provide you with the right tools to route customers through Becky’s automated workflows, no matter which channel they use.

When customers open duplicate tickets across multiple channels, Becky compares the customer’s unique identifiers, and if a duplicate is detected, resolves it into a master ticket. The duplicate ticket is then taken out of the agent’s queue.

Use our Zendesk dashboard to see key insights on which the best-performing processes are, and where Becky can help further improve your customer experience.

Proven process. Fast results.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results you get when you implement, you can claim a full refund in the first month!

Try Our Zendesk Thank You App For Free

If you reopen 5,000 Zendesk tickets per month simply because of “thank you” messages, you are looking at about 14 hours of wasted work per month – that’s two full days for one agent.

Our FREE Zendesk app allows you to resolve these tickets automatically.

It works in the background and:

  • Reads the message to identify key phrases that indicate a “thank you”response (we’ve tested 800+ variants)
  • Confirms there’s no additional request included
  • Switches the ticket back to “solved” and resolves it.
  • Sends a custom “Thank you.”


No, you only pay per resolution for tickets solved. What could be fairer than that?

If at any point during the first 30 days you’re unhappy with the service for any reason, let us know and we’ll try to fix it. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund your payment in full.

Yes, our automations do not depend on specific languages and work regardless of the language used by your agents or customers.

You can use our ROI calculator to calculate your potential savings – we’re sure you’ll be impressed!

We’ve been in business for 3 years now and have many happy customers. Check out our user testimonials and list of clients here: . We’re happy to provide references.

Yes. All paid subscriptions include access to phone, Slack, and email support.

Pretty much – we connect with over 800 providers. 

Yes, we are platform-agnostic and can integrate with any ecommerce platform, including Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, plus custom-built and home-grown solutions and many others. The actual integration is very simple and for most platforms, you’ll just need to update a few settings.

Our platform operates according to our security policy. Our servers are GDPR, ISO9001, and ISO27001 compliant

Becky isn’t a help desk – she’s much more than that! Becky acts as a virtual SuperAgent resolving different types of customer queries within your current helpdesk, quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

We can integrate with (just about) everything – our most popular integration is with Zendesk.

Our platform comes with pre-built automations for all common ecommerce use cases: order status and shipment updates, cancellations and refunds, exchanges, sending coupon codes, product availability, and store opening hours. We can also build custom automations for you, depending on your actual needs.

Let’s take a look at the order status automation. When a client reaches out through any communication channel (phone, contact form, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc) Becky will look for the classification of the request to make sure it’s an order status ticket.

After that, we use the customer’s unique identifiers (such as email address or phone) and possibly the order number to retrieve the order status from your ecommerce platform, such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or your custom solution.

We then retrieve the tracking information and use our connection to a global network of 800+ shipping providers to connect with your shipping provider.

Once all the data has been retrieved, we craft a personalized response to the customer and reply to him through your Zendesk platform.

Yes, Becky is able to fully resolve all the transactional problems customers submit (in record time!) enabling your human agents to focus on more complex customer queries and provide a more personalized experience.

This is actually very common. In this case, we retrieve the recent orders that haven’t been delivered and notify the customer of the status of all the orders that are currently processing or in delivery.

Our tracking works for 800+ couriers, to all destinations. So there’s a high chance yours is included. We support USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and many more shipping carriers internationally.

Yes, our data is fetched directly from the carrier website, so it’s 100% identical to what you will see on the carrier’s tracking page. We show your customers the most timely and relevant tracking information to give them peace of mind and clear directions for smooth delivery.

Yes, you can customize the branding on the tracking pages to drive more engagement with your website during the post-purchase phase. You can add your brand logo, product banners, and special offers.

Normally if a customer purchases through your store they are sent to the carrier’s order tracking page. These pages are full of marketing on behalf of the carrier including their branding, their logo, and their links.

At the end of the day, it’s their web page that your customer is opening over and over again to see where their product is at. When you are relying on your eCommerce platform, carrier, or fulfillment software to keep your customers in the know – you are leaving money on the table by missing the opportunity to build brand loyalty, cross-sell and/or up-sell products and services, and spending more money on support and other post-sale expenses.

No, the duplicate ticket is solved and all the information is conserved. The master ticket gets a copy of the information, so the agent can always see what the customer contacted you for originally.

For phone, chat, and messaging interactions, we combine older interactions into the newest ticket, allowing the agent to keep responding to the customer seamlessly and also review all past tickets, to assess if they require additional help.

Most customers prefer getting answers as quickly as possible whenever it’s convenient to them. According to Harvard Business Review, “84% of customers would prefer a straightforward solution to their problem”.

A customer should not have to wait in a long queue to get a simple answer on when they will receive a delivery, and likewise, an agent should not have to spend their time giving order status reports 20 times a day.

This is how both sides win:
1. The customer has a better experience and a better user experience means they’re more likely to return as a customer and more likely to make a purchase or keep using a service.
2. Support volume goes down, which unlocks efficiencies in your support team and drives more high-value interactions.
3. Agent attrition can decrease as the job becomes less repetitive and more valuable.

The higher the frequency of these simple interactions the more instant impact automation can have.

It’s more than a chatbot. A chatbot usually just automates the customer-facing side of the interaction. Our platform provides an automated response, which is in a sense what a chatbot does. However, there are several major differences between a chatbot and our virtual agent:

A chatbot usually works on messaging and chat platforms, and as a result, can receive fragmented pieces of information. Our solutions work to make sure we have the right classification before responding to a customer- otherwise, we hand the ticket off to an agent, so your customers never get a bad experience.
We rely on chatbots in some cases to provide the user interface (for example, in Facebook Messenger), but our automations run behind the scenes and use the chatbot to display the information acquired from your ecommerce platform.

Yes- we use a chatbot when necessary to make the information accessible to the customer, but if you already have one we can easily interface with that chatbot as well.

The Team

Tamir Bashkin

Gil Bashkin
Customer Support

Liad Yosef
Automation Developer

Noga Hershkovich
Office Manager

Arik Tulchinsky
Head Of Sales

We founded Adelante in response to our own challenging experience in the customer service department in the family business.

Many tickets were accumulating, the follow-up was complex, and sometimes tickets fell between the cracks, were handled by different agents, and a lot of time was wasted on duplicate tickets. We weren’t providing a level of customer service we could be proud of, and yet we were still spending significant time and money on the problem.

So we took a step back and developed Adelante Becky© – a virtual SuperAgent – to handle many of the common, simple, and duplicate tickets, freeing up our support agents to work on more complex issues.

Because we understood the problem first-hand, we were able to design a comprehensive solution that addressed the real challenges faced by businesses like ours.

It was a resounding success, and soon we were fielding questions from other business owners in our network who were interested in bringing Adelante Becky© onboard themselves.

We invested in developing Adelante Becky© to integrate with every major e-commerce solution and shipping service- and now she’s ready to work for you!