Cut the number of inbound tickets, remove duplicate requests, and respond immediately to simple customer issues - automatically.

Free up your customer service team to handle more complex tickets, reduce average time-to-resolution and improve customer satisfaction – leading to greater profitability.

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Fact: Frustrated customers will use every channel they can to get their request through to you - often all at once!

So what does this actually look like?

While Karen is waiting in a queue for her phone call to be answered, she is already in front of the computer, so she decides to send a message on the Facebook page and also, “just to be sure”, a message on the website in case her call doesn’t go through.

At many businesses, each message will create a separate ticket, which means there could be 2 or more of your advisors working on Karen’s issue, wasting their own time and confusing the customer with duplicate responses.

What if you could instantly give Karen all the information she needs about her order status, expected delivery time, and even who will deliver it!

Between us? Karen and her friends are right.

Too many of us have been accustomed to poor customer service for many years. When a company simply provides good service – we are pleasantly surprised, appreciative, and most importantly – return to buy from that business in the future.

We work with top brands across all verticals to reduce spend and increase service levels
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Case Studies - More Success Stories

The outstanding virtual employee that cut down tickets at HitechZone by two thirds

Implementation time: 7 days

Before: HTzone was using an outdated help-desk tool that prevented them from effectively sorting, classifying, and prioritizing tickets, creating significant admin overheads.

After: The automated system performs the work of 6 service representatives, sorting and categorizing tickets and adding them to an automated resolution process.

Cost per ticket: 3$US

Monthly savings: 10,000$US

Uri Ironi, VP Projects and B2B

“We had lots of tickets, a really serious pile-up of tickets, and we got to a point where we were dealing with a tremendous volume of multiple tickets from the same customer in various channels. The auto-resolution of tickets resulted in a two-thirds decrease in the number of tickets. The system also allowed for more ordered work and we could really find our way out of the chaos we were in.”


Within one week, HTzone went from manually solving all order status tickets and duplicate tickets to an automated system handling two-thirds of the tickets and a verified increase in customer satisfaction, with numerous positive testimonials.

A revolution at Lupa: The simple process that reduced the number of tickets by 15%


Implementation time: 7 days

Before: Manual identification of double inquiries

After: Duplicate tickets are resolved automatically – a 15% reduction

Odelia Shiron, IT Manager

“We got a positive recommendation about Adelante, and they turned out to be great partners backing up this technology. At every stage, we felt as if we were being supported from all directions and not only focused on solving support requests, and that’s the point.”


In just 7 days, Lupa implemented our solution and moved from manual to an automated resolution of their many duplicate support tickets. The result was a reduction of approximately 15% in total ticket volume, cutting costs significantly.

Case Studies

Our Solutions

We use automation to save valuable time for your helpdesk and your customers – reducing support costs while increasing quality of service


  • No more time wasted manually sorting duplicate tickets
  • Immediate, automated response to simple customer issues
  • Intelligent escalation of tickets to suppliers or shipping firms
  • Automation scenarios to reduce the need for human input
Ticket solved via Automation
Our Popular Services

Auto-merge duplicate tickets

Every ticket received from the same customer is merged into a master ticket, whatever channel it was sent through. Helpdesk advisors have a holistic view of the customer issue, no more crossed wires or missed communications.

Result: Increased customer satisfaction across the board

Automatic response to tickets

Customers will receive an automatic response 24/7 to any simple request that requires a predefined response. We will take care of tickets such as  order status immediately and automatically based on the order number. 

Result: Your support team is free to handle complex tickets faster.

Escalate tickets to third parties

Send the user’s ticket query to a 3rd party partner automatically without spending time on the ticket! For example, delivery queries can be routed directly to the shipping company, even outside business hours, reducing time-to-resolution.

Result: Customer queries are resolved faster and more efficiently

Tag tickets and define support groups using AI

An advanced service that combines AI and language recognition in order to identify the ticket intent. Automatically categorize the ticket and forward it to the right team or advisor, for a quicker response and a better customer experience.

Result: Less time spent on admin, more time on solving tickets

Automatically close "Thank You" tickets

Stop wasting time on reopened tickets due to a “thank you” message from the customer at the end of the discussion. Our product will check every reopened ticket, and will close it automatically if the reason for the re-open is a “thank you” message from the customer.

Result: Fewer redundant tickets to manually review

Pay-as-you-go Pricing Model

At the end of the day, we want to help you grow your profits!
You only pay when
tickets are solved and your team saves time & money, so there’s no risk from a budget perspective.


We have built similar processes for dozens of businesses, and we specialize in e-commerce. We believe the problem is that businesses are unfamiliar with the technology that allows them to grow nonlinearly. We are here to provide access to these solutions.

Generally, all that’s required is the motivation to get started from your side! In some cases, we may also need access to your company’s / other service providers’ APIs to build the scenarios.

Yes – we have the ability to find and categorize & tag relevant information from emails and free texts.

Our solutions work with all communication channels: phone, chat, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and forms on the website.

For each solution, we have an ROI calculator that allows you to calculate your potential savings. If you’re interested in checking it out,  send us a message

We are official partners of Zendesk and have been in the field for over 3 years, you can find us on the official website of Zendesk, and in addition, we work with dozens of customers who will be happy to tell you about us 🙂

Yes – all our solutions include support, to make sure everything works perfectly for you.

Most implementations are completed within 7 days, which means that after only a week you will start to see the first results!

We support all major world languages. In addition, most of our solutions are not language-dependent, so will work in any language.

About Us

We founded Adelante in response to our own challenging experience in the customer service department in the family business.

Many tickets were accumulating, the follow-up was complex, and sometimes tickets fell between the cracks, were handled by different agents, and a lot of time was wasted on duplicate tickets. We weren’t providing a level of customer service we could be proud of, and yet we were still spending significant time and money on the problem.

So we took a step back and developed Becky – a virtual SuperAgent – to handle many of the common, simple, and duplicate tickets, freeing up our support agents to work on more complex issues.

Because we understood the problem first-hand, we were able to design a comprehensive solution that addressed the real challenges faced by businesses like ours.

It was a resounding success, and soon we were fielding questions from other business owners in our network who were interested in bringing Becky onboard themselves.

We invested in developing Becky to integrate with every major e-commerce solution and shipping service- and now she’s ready to work for you!

Tamir Bashkin

Gil Bashkin
Customer Support

Arik Tulchinsky
Head Of Sales

Liad Yosef
Automation Developer

Noga Hershkovich
Office Manager